Memory Care  Roseville, CA

Memory Care Roseville, CA

Connections is more than just a name, it is a dementia care program that is unique to Alta Manor. As dementia progresses it is often the short term memory that is the first to fail. We use the long term memories of our residents to build a foundation of activities and companionship. By focusing activities on the long term memories we can keep the attention of the resident and have them participate in activities that are meaningful to them. This ensures our residents enjoy the best possible quality of life.

Our Connections Care program is based on the needs, preferences, interests, and abilities of our residents. Activities are offered to match the skill level of each resident and are scheduled daily-7 days a week. Each day contains eight hours of structured activities from four different categories: productive, leisure, self-care, and insightful activities. Productive activities include setting the table, dusting, or gardening. Taking a walk or enjoying a hobby are leisure activities residents can experience. Self-Care for daily living involves dressing, bathing, or grooming. Insightful activities like reminiscing, devotional readings, or inspirational stories keep memories from fading. The Connections program involves all team members and is offered in a flexible structure that is predictable but can be changed to match resident needs or moods.

We work with both the resident and the families because we realize that dementia doesn't just affect the resident, it has a profound impact on the family as well. Families need support and education as they go through this journey with their loved one.